The good bit about WordPress Templates

There are people and companies who create stunning templates, they spend several months sometime years developing slick functioning WordPress templates full of the most up to date cool programming techniques. People can browse the selection and find a template that fits their requirements. Each template costs around $50 about £35. The template is simply added to WordPress and you have a slick new website ready for your content!

The bad bit about WordPress Templates

It’s becoming very common for website design companies to use templates, cutting huge corners on both design and development. There are two things that are common with this approach, firstly, the cost savings aren’t passed on to the customer! I’ve heard of one so called web design company that charged £5,000 for a slick website which was actually purchased for £35.00, and even had the audacity to deny it when the customer showed them where it could be purchased. Don’t get me wrong templates often need changing to match the company brand and content needs adding, but this can usually be done in a day. Secondly, we’ve seen other companies use templates and put their name to them on the footer often saying ‘Developed by’ or ‘Design by’ – really? A strong claim when all they’ve actually done is added the content and uploaded a logo.

Things to consider

Templates are beneficial if you don’t mind having a similar website to someone else. When you view the vast amount of templates available they all have their own imaginary and icons so you need to consider how your imaginary will look once it’s replaced, it can make the template look entirely different. Consider they cost around £35.00, but remember someone needs to change it to match your branding, add your content and if your website design company is any good they’ll also help promote it in search engines. If a template is used and they’re going to help promote your website the cost should be approximately £400 – £800 and not £5,000!




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